I am not your typical accountant and you are not the typical client.  

Being a creative person, you see things different than most of the world. You'd rather grab your camera and chase that gorgeous sunset instead of sitting down and managing the finances.  However, knowing how to organize your expenses to get the most out of your deductions and how to price your sessions to meet yours and your client's needs is such and important part of being a business owner.  This is what will keep you in a growing and profitable business that you love for years to come!

We offer services, from mentoring to full service bookkeeping, to help make the bookkeeping part of your business as stress-free to you as possible.

Mentor Mini Session
2.5 to 3 hours

A Skype or in-person session (depending on location) that will focus on a topic of your choice.  Before the session takes place, you will receive an email questionnaire to see what area of your business would benefit best from a session.  This could be pricing, setting-up your bookkeeping, using your bookkeeping program, understanding your expenses and income, financial decision affects, sales and use tax remitting, ect.  This is a great way to get a nice solid tutorial of what you need to relieve the stress in your business.

1:1 Mentoring
3 months

An in-depth, all access package to your business needs.  This is a 3 month session that will cover all aspects of your business, from your bookkeeping, tracking and sending in any state and federal requirements, whether your pricing is sustainable, profitability and any other aspect of your business that you may way to discuss.  We will meet every 2 weeks via Skype where we will do our "lessons".  Than throughout the 2 weeks, while you are working on your homework assignments, I am available via text, phone and message to answer any questions that may come up.  I am an open book and am here to help you learn every aspect of your business!!  If you are in driving distance of the Allentown, Pennsylvania, this package includes updated headshots as well!

Bookkeeping Services
$35 an hour
As needed

If you are not interested in being bothered learning the accounting/business side of your business, than let JWP handle it for you.  We would come up with a schedule of when you could forward me your invoices and receipts and we would maintain your bookkeeping for you.  For this you would need a cloud bookkeeping service (like QuickBooks online) or an excel workbook that can be kept on a shared space.  If you just need someone to check your books and make small adjustments every month we can do that too!  This is our most customizable service and is here to fit all your bookkeeping needs.